Be the Change

We are so glad we can count on you to give strength to the movement. There are many ways you can help a woman or girl in need.


Understand the issue

Violence against women and girls can be physical, sexual or emotional. It can happen in public or private, online or off. It can be committed by a stranger or an intimate partner.


Recognize the signs

If you think a woman or girl in your life might be suffering from domestic violence, there are common signs you can look for:

  • her partner keeps track of everything she does
  • her partner acts jealous and tries to makes decisions for her
  • her partner insults her appearance and humiliates her in public
  • her partner has an angry and unpredictable temper and he blames her for his violent outbursts
  • her partner threatens to harm her or the members of her household, including children or pets


Don't stay silent

It’s crucial to shed light on domestic violence cases. Help a woman or girl to speak up by creating safe spaces for dialogue, both in person and online.


Support women and girls' organizations

Donate to local organizations that empower women and girls, support survivors and promote actions and policies designed to reduce and prevent violence.


Join movements for women and girls

Our strength is in numbers and with all the voices united, we can make the difference. By joining movements like “It takes a finger to Stop Violence” you’ll be standing up for the rights of women and girls.


Denounce and ask for help if you’re a victim or witness violence

Call Polisia Nacional Unidade VPU – 78186551
Call ALFela – Asistensia Legal ba Feto no Labarik – 77348424
Visit the website for more detailed information